The task

Under the terms of the administrative agreement signed in Berlin on September 5, 2003, the German federal government and the Free State of Saxony each allocate €39m to the remediation of abandoned former Wismut sites. As planning has to be completed and licences obtained well in advance of initiating work, these funds will be made available in annualised tranches.

Scarcity of funds notwithstanding, this project is aimed at providing better development opportunities to abandoned Wismut sites. The administrative agreement on abandoned Wismut sites does not imply the passage of title of federally owned lands nor the transfer of Wismut GmbH to the Free State of Saxony. Rehabilitation of abandoned Wismut sites is the sole responsibility of the Free State of Saxony.

Wismut GmbH as the executing organisation is in charge of implementing the projects approved by the advisory council on remediation. In doing so, at least fifty percent of the available funds have to be outsourced to third parties by public invitation to tender.
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