1954 – 1991 SDAG Wismut

State within the GDR state
By the mid-50ies, the "wild" years at Wismut had come to an end. Unrestrained exploitation was replaced by efficiency methods to ensure long-term viable mining. Scientific investigation of deposits was intensified, and underground working conditions were improved.

Founded in 1954, the new bi-national Soviet-German company SDAG Wismut continued uranium mining with the GDR being shareholder. A permanent workforce levelled off at some 45,000 and remained at that level for more than three decades. Vested with privileges, Wismut remained a "state within the GDR state". During the 45 years of its existence, the company had produced a total of 216,350 tonnes of uranium. This ranks Wismut as number four in world-wide uranium production, after the USSR, the US and Canada as first, second and third, respectively.

Following German reunification, uranium mining was terminated on December 31, 1990. In mid-1991, the USSR disclaimed its shares under the terms of a state treaty. The Federal Republic of Germany became the sole shareholder.
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