Water treatment

Controlled flooding of the Königstein mine involves pumping and treatment of contaminated mine waters prior to their discharge into receiving streams.

For this purpose, the Königstein site operates a flood water treatment unit which was retrofitted in 2000 to state-of-the art standards.

In a first stage, uranium is removed by sorption from the mine water to the greatest possible extent and recycled. In the second water treatment stage, residual contaminants such as radium, residual uranium, and heavy metals are removed by precipitation with lime. Following settling of solids in the thickener and clarification of the treated water in a polishing lagoon, the water is then discharged into the Elbe River. The dewatered treatment residues are integrated into the Schüsselgrund mine dump in a way that they pose no hazard to man or the environment.

The design capacity of the Königstein flood water treatment plant is about 650 m³/h. When the boreholes pumping the flood water from the mine get on line, the plant will also treat the flood water.
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