Wismut GmbH

Since 1991, regions in Saxony and Thuringia damaged by uranium ore mining have been cleaned up. Up to now, the federally owned company has used around 7 billion Euros from the federal budget for this task. After 30 years, the major project "Remediation of the Wismut Legacy" has reached a new stage. Over the next 10 years, remediation work will be completed at all sites. The long-term tasks remain.

Green hilly landscapes winding inconspicuously through the densely populated areas of the Ore Mountains. Vast landscapes in Thuringia, conquered by nature, populated by rare animal species. The radioactive dumps, tailings ponds, open pit and other residues of uranium ore mining have been cleaned up, but still lie under their cover. They are our mission for decades to come. The priority is to preserve the rehabilitated landscapes, new habitats and better environmental conditions. As was the case 30 years ago, we have to take responsibility and work out solutions so that we can leave this legacy to the people living here with a clear conscience. Wismut will also fulfill these so-called long-term tasks with full commitment and competence. The federal government will continue to provide the funds required for this.

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